Wonders of New Jersey: 401 - 410

  • 401 St. Peter's Church Perth Amboy.
  • 402 Lenape Trail A 34-mile-long trail connecting Newark with Roseland.
  • 403 Albino Village Located by Rt 3 and 21 in NJ, an area where Albinos supposedly lived in the middle of the 1900's. Probably folklore, because everyone knows there's no such thing as Albinos. 
  • 404 Hunterdon Museum of Art Located in the historic 1836 Dunham's Gristmill, this structure now hosts a small art museum. Clinton Boro.
  • 405 The Freedom Concert The first Sean Hannity Freedom Concert was held in Great Adventure in 2003 and as the number of cities hosting the event has expanded, the concert has continued its run in its original venue. Jackson.
  • 406 State Theatre According to their web site, the State Theatre "has offered a magnificent venue for many types of entertainment since 1921. Since then, we have become the premier location of many events such as Hub City Carnivale, the New Jersey Blues & Jazz Festival, Artist-in-Residence, Milk & Cookies, the Urban Arts Festival, on top of a full season line-up of Broadway, dance, orchestra, opera, family events, comedy, and more." New Brunswick.
  • 407 First FM Radio Broadcast July 18, 1939 from W2XMN. Alpine.
  • 408 Union County MusicFest
  • 409 Dickinson House, Alloway Township
  • 410 Jasna Polana Princeton.

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