Wonders of New Jersey: 191 - 200

  • 191 Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum The third-largest university-housed art collection in the country. New Brunswick.
  • 192 Rankokus Indian Reservation The home of the Powhatan Renape Nation. is located on 350 acres of woodland. The museum has tools, musical instruments, clothing, weapons, dioramas and decorative arts. The gallery has works by modern American Indian artists, including paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings, and woodcarvings. There is also a guided tour through a re-created traditional woodland village and a self-guided nature trail. 
  • 193 Frank Sinatra
  • 194 Monmouth Park Race Track
  • 195 Leaming's Run Garden Largest annual garden in the USA. It is divided into 27 individual gardens. There is also a reconstructed whaler's log cabin. Middle Township.
  • 196 Hadrosaurus The first reasonably complete dinosaur skeleton (except for the head, which I may or may not have in my kitchen) ever discovered.
  • 197 Cape May Canal
  • 198 Mannington Meadow Owned by the NJ Division Of Fish & Wildlife, this large refuge in the rural southwestern corner of New Jersey is excellent for viewing local and migratory birds and wildlife. The water here is brackish and slightly tidal.
  • 199 UMDNJ
  • 200 Goldman Sachs Tower At 781 feet tall and 42 floors, this is the tallest building in New Jersey. If it was an interesting looking building it would have placed higher on the list. Unfortunately, it looks like the end of a pencil that has had its eraser used a little bit. Jersey City.  Jersey City Skyline

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