The Kite Flyer at Morey's Piers

Wildwood, New Jersey

Cold Beer

Cold Beer by Darren C.
Cold Beer, a photo by Darren C. on Flickr.

Wildwood, New Jersey

Crazy for You !

Crazy for You ! by louis dallara
Crazy for You !, a photo by louis dallara on Flickr.

Witches Ball, Mt. Holly, New Jersey



PassaicRiver_(456) by rverc
PassaicRiver_(456), a photo by rverc on Flickr.

Livingston, New Jersey.

Mr. Death

Mr. Death by Jack of Nothing
Mr. Death, a photo by Jack of Nothing on Flickr.

Paterson, New Jersey.

His name is Titmouse, Titmouse Pițigoi

Chatham, New Jersey.


Scarface Sunset (no retouch)

Cape May.

No Longer Lost

No Longer Lost by Jack Fusco
No Longer Lost, a photo by Jack Fusco on Flickr.

Sea Isle City, New Jersey.


spring garden

spring garden by Wils 888
spring garden, a photo by Wils 888 on Flickr.

Beautiful iris. River Edge, New Jersey.

Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron by hjhipster
Tri-colored Heron, a photo by hjhipster on Flickr.

Cape May Point, NJ.


Lilac by e_monk
Lilac, a photo by e_monk on Flickr.

Ringwood, New Jersey.


Abandoned History

Abandoned History by Michael Ver Sprill
Abandoned History, a photo by Michael Ver Sprill on Flickr.

Somewhere in New Jersey...

Moody Tree

Moody Tree by Stanley Zimny
Moody Tree, a photo by Stanley Zimny on Flickr.

Ringwood, New Jersey.

Atmospheric Amanecer

Atmospheric Amanecer by MurrayH77
Atmospheric Amanecer, a photo by MurrayH77 on Flickr.

Edwin Forsythe wildlife refuge.


Gloom by Brian Reilly Photography
Gloom, a photo by Brian Reilly Photography on Flickr.

Mahwah, New Jersey.

Wilson Seabrook Haunted House


Princeton by emmett.hume
Princeton, a photo by emmett.hume on Flickr.

last days of summer

last days of summer by Adam Peditto
last days of summer, a photo by Adam Peditto on Flickr.

Ocean City, NJ.

Hurricane Sandy Remains


Great Egret (Ardea alba)

Great Egret (Ardea alba) by auburnxc
Great Egret (Ardea alba), a photo by auburnxc on Flickr.

Cape May, New Jersey.

This is the life

This is the life by Tattooed JJ
This is the life, a photo by Tattooed JJ on Flickr.

Spring Lake, New Jersey.

Soul Searching

Soul Searching by Moniza*
Soul Searching, a photo by Moniza* on Flickr.

Cape May Lighthouse.

God Bless America

God Bless America by Moniza*
God Bless America, a photo by Moniza* on Flickr.

Hoboken Fourth of July fireworks, 2011.


The Bridge at Clinton

The Bridge at Clinton by jefg99
The Bridge at Clinton, a photo by jefg99 on Flickr.

Clinton, New Jersey.


flicker by Christopher Wallace
flicker, a photo by Christopher Wallace on Flickr.

Hunterdon County, NJ.

Marbled Orb Weaver by Lopshire

Frenchtown, New Jersey.

Country Road Along the Delaware in Hunterdon County

Abandoned Diner

Abandoned Diner by christopherskillman
Abandoned Diner, a photo by christopherskillman on Flickr.

Whitehouse, New Jersey.

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled by flying cats
The Road Less Traveled, a photo by flying cats on Flickr.

Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Mr Peanut balloon deflating balloons

New Jersey Festival of Balooning, Readington.

The Red Mill Museum Village (Week 9/52)

Clinton, New Jersey.


Foggy Frenchtown Bridge

Beetle Church

Beetle Church by Oliver Fluck
Beetle Church, a photo by Oliver Fluck on Flickr.

Nassau Street, Princeton.

In the shadows

In the shadows by Mazda6 (Tor)
In the shadows, a photo by Mazda6 (Tor) on Flickr.


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home by MikeJonesPhoto
Home Sweet Home, a photo by MikeJonesPhoto on Flickr.


Empty Sky - 9/11 Memorial

Empty Sky - 9/11 Memorial by Moniza*
Empty Sky - 9/11 Memorial, a photo by Moniza* on Flickr.

Liberty State Park, Jersey City.

What Do Garden Fairies Think About?


Painting With Flowers


Blue Evening

Blue Evening by pch22182
Blue Evening, a photo by pch22182 on Flickr.


meadow of loosestrife

meadow of loosestrife by jjraia
meadow of loosestrife, a photo by jjraia on Flickr.

Troy Meadows.

Sunset Reflected with Flowers

Holmdel Park, Holmdel.

many, many gorgeous flowering trees


Spring in Millbrook Village

Spring in Millbrook Village by richpope
Spring in Millbrook Village, a photo by richpope on Flickr.


Rabbit_007 by HVargas
Rabbit_007, a photo by HVargas on Flickr.


055/365 : Hit and Run

055/365 : Hit and Run by 13thWitness
055/365 : Hit and Run, a photo by 13thWitness on Flickr.

The Borgata, Atlantic City.

Morning Dream

Morning Dream by Scott Hudson *
Morning Dream, a photo by Scott Hudson * on Flickr.

Laurence Harbor.

Stephens House Long Pond Iron Works