Wonders of New Jersey: 191 - 200

  • 191 Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum The third-largest university-housed art collection in the country. New Brunswick.
  • 192 Rankokus Indian Reservation The home of the Powhatan Renape Nation. is located on 350 acres of woodland. The museum has tools, musical instruments, clothing, weapons, dioramas and decorative arts. The gallery has works by modern American Indian artists, including paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings, and woodcarvings. There is also a guided tour through a re-created traditional woodland village and a self-guided nature trail. 
  • 193 Frank Sinatra
  • 194 Monmouth Park Race Track
  • 195 Leaming's Run Garden Largest annual garden in the USA. It is divided into 27 individual gardens. There is also a reconstructed whaler's log cabin. Middle Township.
  • 196 Hadrosaurus The first reasonably complete dinosaur skeleton (except for the head, which I may or may not have in my kitchen) ever discovered.
  • 197 Cape May Canal
  • 198 Mannington Meadow Owned by the NJ Division Of Fish & Wildlife, this large refuge in the rural southwestern corner of New Jersey is excellent for viewing local and migratory birds and wildlife. The water here is brackish and slightly tidal.
  • 199 UMDNJ
  • 200 Goldman Sachs Tower At 781 feet tall and 42 floors, this is the tallest building in New Jersey. If it was an interesting looking building it would have placed higher on the list. Unfortunately, it looks like the end of a pencil that has had its eraser used a little bit. Jersey City.  Jersey City Skyline


Wonders of New Jersey: 201 - 210

  • 201 Chatsworth Cranberry Festival According to the Festival itself, this event is "a celebration of New Jersey's cranberry harvest, the 3rd largest in the United States, and offers a tribute to the Pine Barrens & Culture. The main attraction is the diverse showing of many artists & craftsmen, some of which will also be demonstrating their crafts as well as displaying them for sale."
  • 202 Albert Einstein
    Albert EinsteinImage via Wikipedia
  • 203 Downtown Somerville  Somerville.
  • 204 Holland Tunnel Jersey City.
  • 205 The College of New Jersey
  • 206 East Coast Greenway A 3,000 mile network of trails stretching from Calais, ME to Key West, FL.
  • 207 Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center
  • 208 Lakewood Blue Claws Minor League baseball team with a cool name and a sweet logo. Lakewood.
  • 209 Sourland Mountain Preserve Strewn with beautiful large boulders and heavily forested, this parkland contains wonderful views if you can make it to the peaks of this small mountain range. According to the Somerset County Park Commision, "The 3,196.7 acre Sourland Mountain Preserve...provides passive recreational opportunities in an undisturbed natural setting...including hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, bouldering, and horseback riding.
    It is extremely rich in natural resources, and an area that boasts a variety of stream corridors, geologic outcrops, and an ecological preserve that provides a core habitat for a diversity of plant and animal species. The Sourlands is especially known for its nesting birds on the edges of their breeding areas including Summer Tanager, Winter Wren, and Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees." Hillsborough, Montgomery. American toad? (Bufo americanus) by Gare and Kitty Photo by Gare and Kitty via Flickr.
  • 210 Movie Projector And yet another Thomas Edison/New Jersey gem. West Orange.


Wonders of New Jersey: 211 - 220

  • 211 Cohansey Aquifer
  • 212 New Jersey 101.5 New Jersey-centered programing and a voice for the average working resident who is ignored by the mainstream media.
  • 213 Cold Spring Village
  • 214 Union Lake A 898-acre reservoir located Cumberland County. Union Lake has a history that goes back to the 1790s, when the Maurice River was first dammed at a location upstream from the present dam. The lake is four miles long and one mile wide. It is the largest freshwater lake in South Jersey. Fishing, swimming, and boating are popular activities. The lake is stocked with Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Bass fishing tournaments are often held there. 
  • 215 Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve According to their website, "The JC NERR encompasses approximately 115,000 acres in southeastern New Jersey, including a great variety of terrestrial, wetland and aquatic habitats within the Mullica River-Great Bay ecosystem. The Reserve is a concentrated patchwork of federal and state lands managed in partnership through a variety of agencies. With little more than 1% of the Reserve subjected to human development, this area is regarded as one of the least disturbed estuaries in the densely populated urban corridor of the Northeastern United States. Occurring within the unique New Jersey Pinelands forest ecosystem, on the coastal plain and the barrier islands of the coastal margin, the Mullica River-Great Bay estuary is of special ecological value. The high environmental quality of the habitats within the Cousteau Reserve are consistent with the objective of the Reserve system to preserve areas which retain a healthy ecosystem and provide the opportunity to serve the needs of long-term research and monitoring programs." One of the most amazing things about this reserve is that is just a few miles away from Atlantic City. Boundaries of the Jacques Cousteau National Es...Image via Wikipedia
  • 216 USGA Museum Home to the world's premier collection of golf artifacts and memorabilia. The association has completed a major renovation and expansion project. Recently the USGA opened of its new facility, the Arnold Palmer Center for Golf History. More than 2,000 artifacts are on display when the museum. The focal point of the USGA Museum is the new Hall of Champions. The names of every USGA national champion are inscribed on bronze panels that encircle the walls of the clerestory-lit, oval rotunda. Displayed in three artifact cases that stand at the center of the room are the 13 original USGA national championship trophies, including, most prominently, the United States Open Championship Trophy.The USGA Museum building in Far Hills, New Jersey.Image via Wikipedia
  • 217 Delaware Memorial BridgeDelaware Memorial Bridge, looking from New Jer...Image via Wikipedia
  • 218 The Morro Castle Disaster This luxury cruise ship sailed between New York and Havana in the 1930s. It was named for the Morro Castle that guards the entrance to Havana's harbor. On the morning of Saturday, September 8, 1934, the ship caught fire and 137 passengers and crew members were killed. The ship beached off of Asbury Park and remained abandoned there for several months. Asbury Park.
  • 219 Bayshore Heritage Byway 122-miles long, and traversing Salem, Cumberland and Cape May counties. The cultural, natural and historic assets along the Delaware River and Delaware Bayshore offer many opportunities to explore this area. This Byway tells the story of communities and cultures that were dependant on the area's natural resources. 
  • 220 Belvidere Another Victorian town in New Jersey, this one with some rough edges thrown in to make it a little more interesting (or ugly, if you prefer). Besides Belvidere's sweet location on the Delaware River, its key attractions include: The Town Square, Warren County Courthouse, Country Gate Theatre, The Shoe Tree Oak, Hotel Belvidere, Major Robert Hoops House, Historic Belvidere Cemetery and the Robert Morris House. Belvidere.

Wonders of New Jersey: 221 - 230

  • 221 Lower Free Bridge This iconic bridge is famous for the hilariously outdated "Trenton Makes, The World Takes" sign on the side of the span crossing the Delaware River. These days, Trenton is much more likely to be the taker since it is infested with the parasite class that helps make New Jersey so overtaxed. Trenton.
  • 222 Batona Trail A 49.5 mile trail through the Pine Barrens.
  • 223 Bayonne Bridge This bridge could use a fresh coat of paint, but it is still an impressive sight, especially at night. Bayonne.
    Venus Over The Bayonne Bridge by NJScott ***ON THE ROAD*** Photo by NJScott***ON THE ROAD*** via Flickr
  • 224 Red Bull Arena Home to a cheesy New York minor-league sports team named after an "energy drink." Harrison.
  • 225 Albert Music Hall 350 seat concert hall featuring country, bluegrass and pinelands music. Usually seven 30-minute sets each Saturday night.
  • 226 The Jackson Whites
  • 227 Absecon Lighthouse New Jersey's tallest lighthouse and the third tallest masonry lighthouse in the United States is over 150 years old. Climb the 228 steps to the top if want a view of Atlantic City, the wetlands and the Pine Barrens. You can also see the original first-order Fresnel Lens. Atlantic City.
    Absecon Lighthouse, Atlantic City, NJAbsecon Lighthouse via Wikipedia
  • 228 Franklin Mineral Museum This is known as the fluorescent mineral capital of the world. Franklin.
  • 229 Ocean City Historic District
  • 230 Mullica Hill Settled in the late 1600s and built mostly during the Civil War era. The entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places. About three dozen antiques shops, most near or on Main Street. The Old Mill Antique Center has three floors in a pre-Revolutionary War mill. Festivals include the Antiques Street Fair in April, and the Festival of Antiques in June, a Ghost Walk in October and Christmas House Tours.


Wonders of New Jersey: 231 - 240

  • 231 The New Jersey Naval Museum The USS Ling submarine is the main attraction. There is also the only Vietnam-era Patrol Boat Riverine (PBR) in the northeastern United States, a Japanese Kaiten Ils suicide submarine and a German Seahund submarine. Hackensack.
  • 232 Natirar A 411-acre property in the hills of Somerset County, Natirar is Raritan (River) spelled backwards. Formerly the estate of Kate Macy Ladd and Walter Graeme Ladd. The estate was bequeathed by the late King Hassan II of Morocco to the local community and is now a combination public/private attraction. The public is a park with good trout fishing while the private is a 1912 Tudor mansion along with two cottages and a carriage house houses the Virgin Hotel and Spa, operated by smiling British goofball, Sir Richard Branson. Peapack-GladstoneNatirar, New Jersey
  • 233 Georgian Court University The former winter estate of George Jay Gould. Visitors can stroll through the beautiful grounds which overlook Lake Carasaljo. One of the attractions is the Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum which contains the Formal Garden, Founders Garden, Italian Garden, Japanese Garden and the Sunken Garden. Lakewood.
  • 234 Doo-Wop Historical Motel District  According to Preservation New Jersey, "The two hundred motels found along a 40-block stretch in the Wildwoods constitute the largest collection of mid-century commercial resort architecture in the country. They were built between 1956 (soon after the Garden State Parkway opened, making driving to the shore easier) and 1970 in a style architectural historians call Populuxe, or “Doo Wop,” after the vocal harmony singing style popular in the mid 1950s. These Doo Wop motels are playful, two or three story, bar or l-shaped structures that usually feature elaborate balcony railings, outlandish signs, and colorful offices or lounges designed in unexpected shapes." Lollipop Motel. Star Lux Motel. Even the Wawa and its gas station has been designed in the retro Doo-Wop style. This historic district is considered endangered, so don't put off seeing it. Wildwood.
    Adam Kuban
  • 235 Manasquan Reservoir Over 1 million people visit the 770 acre Manasquan Reservoir each year. Some of the activities available include a 5-mile perimeter trail, fishing, ice skating, rowboating and kayaking. Howell. 
    Bob Jagendorf
  • 236 Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center Keeping New Jersey's rich tradition of glassworks alive by displaying colorful examples of handblown glass art. Millville.
    Wheaton Glass Art 2009 by PHOTOPHANATIC1 PHOTOPHANATIC1
  • 237 Hermitage A National Historic Landmark, this house is a Gothic Revival built in 1848.
  • 238 Shad Festival Lambertville.
  • 239 Downtown Chester One of New Jersey's prettiest downtown areas. There are many antique shops, restaurants and specialty stores along Main Street (Route 513). There are also several annual events, including: The Spring Crafts Show, the Fall Crafts Show, the Harvest Celebration and The Pet Costume Contest and ParadeChester Boro.
  • 240 New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Racing Association

Wonders of New Jersey: 241 - 250

  • 241 Cooper Grist Mill Chester.
  • 242 First Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth The oldest English-speaking congregation in New Jersey, dating back to 1664. It is surrounded by its historic graveyard.
  • 243 Pork Roll I have been accused of being "not really from New Jersey" for not knowing what pork roll is, so I guess it deserves to be on this list. Besides, if you mix pork and New Jersey you really can't go wrong. God only knows where it comes from.
  • 244 The Blueberry Factory One-hour tours of a blueberry farm. Learn all about agriculture, irrigation, hot beds and the packaging process. Each visitor receives a fresh pint of blueberries...to do with as they please. 
  • 245 Newark Public Library Newark.
  • 246 Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge Home or vacation home to about 225 species of bird, including: Chestnut-sided warblers, indigo buntings, bobolinks, black ducks, wood duck, mallards, green-winged teals, common mergansers, American woodcock, greater and lesser yellowlegs, scarlet tanagers and Baltimore orioles.
  • 247 All Saints Memorial Church Richard Upjohn, designer of Trinity Church in New York City, created this charming Episcopal place of worship and it was consecrated in 1864. A parish house was built in 1865-6, a rectory in 1869-1870, and carriage sheds at the turn of the century. All Saints' was officially made a National Historic Site in 1974, and designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1988. The terraced cemetery on the church grounds is a beautiful solution to the problem of having a burial ground on a hill side. Middletown.
  • 248 Edison Memorial Tower According to the New Jersey Historic Trust, "The Edison Memorial Tower has national significance.  It marks the site where Edison’s Menlo Park Industrial Compound was located from 1876 to 1884, and where the first practical incandescent lamp was created along with other inventions. This is the birthplace of recorded sound and launch pad for the world’s first “organized research” laboratory.  The Edison Tower (1937) is considered the State’s best representative of a public monument in the Art Deco Style and the last work of architectural concrete pioneer John J. Early. Edison. 
  • 249 St. Patricks A truly beautiful church in a horrific neighborhood. Elizabeth.
  • 250 Delsea Drive-In Movie Theatre New Jersey's only remaining drive-in movie theater.


Wonders of New Jersey: 251 - 260

  • 251 Colgate Clock Formerly the world's largest clock, 50 feet in diameter. Located in downtown Jersey City on the Hudson River. Jersey City.
    Colgate Clock Tower by alexhung Photo by Alex Hung via Flickr.
  • 252 Black River & Western Railroad 
  • 253 Passaic County Courthouse Annex 
  • 254 Helmetta Snuff Mill
  • 255 Insectropolis Insect museum with hundreds of live insects and arthropods, thousands of pinned specimens from around the world and even ones children can touch...perhaps even eat if nobody's watching? Toms River.
  • 256 Marine Mammal Stranding Center The Center has responded to over 3450 strandings of whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles that have washed ashore over the years. Brigantine.
  • 257 Frelinghuysen Arboretum The home of Fungus Fest.
  • 258 Fort Mott State Park According to the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, “Fort Mott was part of a three-fort defense system designed for the Delaware River during the post Civil War modernization period. The other two forts in the system were Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island and Fort DuPont in Delaware City, Delaware. Original plans for Fort Mott specified eleven gun emplacements with twenty guns and a mortar battery with six emplacements. Construction was started in 1872; however, only two of the gun emplacements and two magazines in the mortar battery were completed by 1876 when all work stopped.”
  • 259 Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum One of only five museums in the United States to exclusively display wildlife art. Hiram Blauvelt was a conservationist and art collector. Oradell.
  • 260 The Showboat Casino and Hotel Atlantic City.


Wonders of New Jersey: 261 - 270

  • 261 Apple Pie Hill  Rising 209 feet above sea level deep in the heart of the flat emerald sea that is the Pine Barrens, this is a geographic anomaly. Atop of the hill you can climb the 60 foot fire tower for spectacular views of the Pine Barrens, and on clear days you can see both Philadelphia and Atlantic City.RyanHaran
  • 262 Liberty National Golf Club 7,346 yard course designed by Robert E. Cupp and Tom Kite. It is one of the most expensive golf courses in history, costing about $130 million, and it costs $500,000 to join the club. Includes a marina, heliport, spa, fitness center and pro shop. Views of Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Downtown Jersey City. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the Hudson River and Liberty State Park. Jersey City.
  • 263 Old Barracks Museum The only original French and Indian War barracks still standing in the US. Trenton. 
  • 264 U-869 Known as "Hitler's lost sub," this IXC/40 U-boat was discovered off the coast of New Jersey in 1991. 
  • 265 Indian King Tavern This is the site where New Jersey was officially declared a state in 1777. It is now a museum. Haddonfield.
  • 266 Salem Oak Over 400 years old.
  • 267 Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum Overpriced "chain" museum, Ripleys nevertheless is loaded with interesting curiosities. Atlantic City.
  • 268 Pequest Trout Hatchery More than 200 bodies of water in New Jersey are annually stocked with 600,000 brown, brook and rainbow trout from the hatchery. You can tour the facility and learn how the trout are raised and observe them in different stages of their development. Oxford.
  • 269 Henry Hudson's Half Moon Expedition
  • 270 Hackensack Water Company 


Wonders of New Jersey: 271 - 280

  • 271 New Jersey State Fair
  • 272 Fosterfields According to the New Jersey Historic Trust, this living history museum was "first farmed in the 1770s, Fosterfields illustrates the evolution of farming practices from the late-eighteenth to the early-twentieth centuries. Under Charles W. Foster's ownership, the farm exemplified such progressive agricultural innovations as the production of silage, use of steam power and underground water systems. Today, Fosterfields contains residential and farm buildings dating from the past two centuries." Morris Township.
  • 273 Lambert Castle Home to the world's largest collection of spoons and a very nice view. Paterson.
  • 274 Giovanni Verazanno 1524, becomes the first European to explore New Jersey. Which means New Jersey first became known to Western Culture almost 500 years ago. If you have ever been to New Jersey, it should come as no surprise that the Garden State was discovered by an Italian. For me it was an ah-ha moment.
  • 275 Englishtown Auctions A large, famous flea market which is not really in Englishtown, it is in... Manalapan.
  • 276 Downtown Cranbury If you like a lot of old houses in one place, you will like Cranbury. Many of the historic buildings have a little plaque stating the age of the homes. Cranbury.
  • 277 Powerhouse Arts District  Jersey City.
  • 278 Big Flatbrook River Considered by many to be the best trout fishing waterway in the Garden State.
  • 279 Mars Chocolate USA About half of the M&Ms made in the world are made in the American headquarters of Mars Incorporated. Also created are Snickers, Dove, Galaxy, Mars Bar, Milky Way and Twix. Hackettstown.
  • 280 Wetlands Institute In their own words, the nonprofit Wetlands Institute is “Situated overlooking 6,000 acres of pristine coastal wetlands, the Institute hosts over 40,000 visitors each year. Here, visitors can learn the exciting facts about life in the salt marsh environment. Throughout the year, many species of birds can be seen from our viewing areas.”


Wonders of New Jersey: 281 - 290

  • 281 Count Basie Theater A historic landmark for performing arts. Opened as the Carlton Theater in 1926 and was renamed in 1984 to honor jazz great and Red Bank native William “Count” Basie. Major acts regularly perform here. Red Bank.
    Count Basie Theater Remodel by sjwillis sjwillis
  • 282 A. J. Meerwald New Jersey's official tall ship is a humble 1920s oyster schooner.
  • 283 Ken Lockwood Gorge Designated by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife as a trout conservation area, this preserve takes in two and a half miles of the South Branch of the Raritan River in Hunterdon County. This area is a favorite of fly fishermen. The late Ken Lockwood was an outdoors writer and conservationist.
  • 284 The Radium Girls A group of women who worked at the United States Radium factory in Orange, producing Undark glow-in-the-dark watches. Many of the women became sick and sued the company, which denied wrong doing. When the bones of some of the women who had died of Radium poisoning were tested several years after their death, they were full of radiation. The Radium Girls won their case, if you can call that winning. Orange.
  • 285 Bird Paradise One of the largest bird stores in the world. According to their web site, "There is little doubt that our store is a very large bird store, probably the largest in the world. There is no doubt that we have an unsurpassed selection of toys, cages, bulk food, playstands, etc. etc. However, those are not the qualities about which we are most proud. It gives me great pride to say that each and every staff member owns, loves and respects birds. Each member is well aware that not all birds are suitable for all family situations. We take the time to talk with our customers, listen to their needs and desires." Burlington.
  • 286 Lumberville-Rock Haven Bridge A free pedestrian bridge over the Delaware River, connecting Bull's Island Recreation Area in New Jersey with Lumberville, Pennsylvania. There are beautiful views and the bridge itself is interesting to look at.
  • 287 Green Sergeant's Covered Bridge This bridge spanning Wickeheoke Creek in rural Hunterdon County is the last original covered bridge in New Jersey. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 288 Phonograph Another Thomas Edison invention in New Jersey. Edison.
  • 289 Eastern Goldfinch New Jersey's state bird.
  • 290 Lakewood Orthodox Jewish Community Lakewood is the center of Orthodox Jewish culture in New Jersey and home to Beth Medrash Govoha, one of the largest yeshivas in the world. Lakewood.


Wonders of New Jersey: 311 - 320

  • 311 Roaring Brook
  • 312 Bell Labs, Murray Hill
  • 313 Joyce Kilmer
  • 314 The Seeing Eye
  • 315 Uncle Floyd Floyd Vivino starred in The Uncle Floyd Show (1974-1998). A UHF cult favorite, the show worked on two levels: As a children's show and as an adult parody of a children's show. Floyd's most famous co-star was Oogie...a little hand puppet. 
  • 316 Craftsman Farms The former home of Gustav Stickley, a leader of the Arts and Crafts "movement." The Stickley Museum is in the log house, built in 1911. Parsipanny-Troy Hills.
  • 317 Crawfish Festival Somewhere between a lobster and a cockroach you find a crawfish. You can eat them at this festival and listen to music too.
  • 318 Captain Kidd's Treasure This treasure is rumored to be located in several spots in New Jersey, but it has yet to be discovered. Some of the areas that have been mentioned include Cape May, the mouth of Toms River, Sandy Hook and Cliffwood Beach.
  • 319 Speedwell Village
  • 320 Sayre and Fisher Bricks The Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Corcoran Art Gallery, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge are some of the buildings throughout the United States that were literally made out of New Jersey... using Sayre & Fisher bricks. Many of the historic buildings of Sayreville are made from the same historic stuff that these world-famous structures are made of. Perhaps even the building you work in is made out of dried up bits of the Garden State. Sayreville.

Wonders of New Jersey: 291 - 300

  • 291 Liberty Hall Museum According to the website: “Built on the eve of the Revolution, Liberty Hall is associated with many of the events and individuals that have shaped our nation's destiny. Home to the prominent Livingston and Kean families, the saga of Liberty Hall includes the stories of men, women and children from many lands and many eras, stories that are waiting to be discovered. A chronicle of New Jersey history, glimpsed through the doors of one very special house. Enter and the past comes alive.” Union.
  • 292 Paulinskill Viaduct A beautiful but currently abandoned railroad bridge over the Paulinskill River. When the Viaduct was built, it was briefly the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world. There are plans for the Paulinskill Viaduct to become part of a rail line that runs from Hoboken to Scranton, Pennsylvania.
    Snow by jgurbisz By jgurbisz via Flickr.
  • 293 Atlantic City Aquarium More than 100 species of fish and other marine creatures. The 750-gallon Touch Tank allows visitors to handle sea urchins, shrimp, whelk, mussels, hermit crabs and other sea creatures. 23,000-gallon Fish of the New Jersey Coast tank. Atlantic City.
  • 294 Warren Grove Gunnery Range A-10s and F-16s from east coast air national guard units strafe and blow this place up a lot. Stafford, Barnegat, Little Egg Harbor.
  • 295 Drumthwacket Official New Jersey governors mansion. Princeton.
  • 296 Naval Weapons Station Earle Pier A 2.2-mile pier jutting into Raritan Bay. Ammunition is loaded and unloaded from a wide variety of warships at a safe distance from land. Middletown.
  • View from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey
  • 297 Noyes Museum of Art
  • 298 Hambletonian East Rutherford.
  • 299 First College Football Game 1869: Rutgers 6, Princeton 4.
  • 300 Loew's Jersey Theatre According to the New Jersey Historic Trust, "Once threatened with demolition, Loew's Jersey Theatre remains as one of five sumptuous "wonder theatres" built by Marcus Loew between 1927 and 1930. Designed in the ornate Spanish Baroque style by nationally renowned architects Rapp and Rapp, the theater was likely one of the first built specifically for talking pictures. The texture of the walls and ceilings was prepared to reflect sound to the farthest reaches of the space." Jersey City.


Wonders of New Jersey: 301 - 310

  • 301 Tour of Somerville Oldest bicycle race in the United States.
  • 302 Morven Museum and Garden Princeton.
  • 303 Revolutionary War Trail
  • 304Molly Pitcher During the Battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778, Mrs. John Hays, carried water in a pitcher back and forth from a well to her husband and his fellow artillery gunners. Thus, the nickname "Molly Pitcher." As the battle ensued Molly's husband was wounded and she served at the cannon for the remainder of the battle, which was a victory for the Americans. Molly Pitcher is believed to be an amalgamation of women throughout the former colonies who fought the British in a battle after their husbands were wounded or killed.
  • 305 Black Tom Explosion July 30, 1916, German agents sabotaged an American weapons depot on Black Tom Island to prevent their use by the Allies in World War I. There was extensive property damage in Jersey City and Manhattan. The force of the explosion could be felt as far away as Philadelphia and beyond. Hundreds of people were injured but the exact number of people killed is not known. Jersey City.
  • 306 First Modern Submarine John Philip Holland, was known as the Father of the Modern Submarine. 1881 was the launch date of his 31 foot long Fenian Ram. It can be seen in the Paterson Museum. Paterson.
  • 307 Sunfish Pond
  • 308 New Jersey Bog Iron
  • 309 Ramapo Fault
  • 310 The Kallikak Family A South Jersey clan "studied" in a popular book by Progressive psychologist, Henry H. Goddard. The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness championed eugenics and forced sterilization.