Wonders of New Jersey: 281 - 290

  • 281 Count Basie Theater A historic landmark for performing arts. Opened as the Carlton Theater in 1926 and was renamed in 1984 to honor jazz great and Red Bank native William “Count” Basie. Major acts regularly perform here. Red Bank.
    Count Basie Theater Remodel by sjwillis sjwillis
  • 282 A. J. Meerwald New Jersey's official tall ship is a humble 1920s oyster schooner.
  • 283 Ken Lockwood Gorge Designated by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife as a trout conservation area, this preserve takes in two and a half miles of the South Branch of the Raritan River in Hunterdon County. This area is a favorite of fly fishermen. The late Ken Lockwood was an outdoors writer and conservationist.
  • 284 The Radium Girls A group of women who worked at the United States Radium factory in Orange, producing Undark glow-in-the-dark watches. Many of the women became sick and sued the company, which denied wrong doing. When the bones of some of the women who had died of Radium poisoning were tested several years after their death, they were full of radiation. The Radium Girls won their case, if you can call that winning. Orange.
  • 285 Bird Paradise One of the largest bird stores in the world. According to their web site, "There is little doubt that our store is a very large bird store, probably the largest in the world. There is no doubt that we have an unsurpassed selection of toys, cages, bulk food, playstands, etc. etc. However, those are not the qualities about which we are most proud. It gives me great pride to say that each and every staff member owns, loves and respects birds. Each member is well aware that not all birds are suitable for all family situations. We take the time to talk with our customers, listen to their needs and desires." Burlington.
  • 286 Lumberville-Rock Haven Bridge A free pedestrian bridge over the Delaware River, connecting Bull's Island Recreation Area in New Jersey with Lumberville, Pennsylvania. There are beautiful views and the bridge itself is interesting to look at.
  • 287 Green Sergeant's Covered Bridge This bridge spanning Wickeheoke Creek in rural Hunterdon County is the last original covered bridge in New Jersey. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 288 Phonograph Another Thomas Edison invention in New Jersey. Edison.
  • 289 Eastern Goldfinch New Jersey's state bird.
  • 290 Lakewood Orthodox Jewish Community Lakewood is the center of Orthodox Jewish culture in New Jersey and home to Beth Medrash Govoha, one of the largest yeshivas in the world. Lakewood.

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