Wonders of New Jersey: 201 - 210

  • 201 Chatsworth Cranberry Festival According to the Festival itself, this event is "a celebration of New Jersey's cranberry harvest, the 3rd largest in the United States, and offers a tribute to the Pine Barrens & Culture. The main attraction is the diverse showing of many artists & craftsmen, some of which will also be demonstrating their crafts as well as displaying them for sale."
  • 202 Albert Einstein
    Albert EinsteinImage via Wikipedia
  • 203 Downtown Somerville  Somerville.
  • 204 Holland Tunnel Jersey City.
  • 205 The College of New Jersey
  • 206 East Coast Greenway A 3,000 mile network of trails stretching from Calais, ME to Key West, FL.
  • 207 Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center
  • 208 Lakewood Blue Claws Minor League baseball team with a cool name and a sweet logo. Lakewood.
  • 209 Sourland Mountain Preserve Strewn with beautiful large boulders and heavily forested, this parkland contains wonderful views if you can make it to the peaks of this small mountain range. According to the Somerset County Park Commision, "The 3,196.7 acre Sourland Mountain Preserve...provides passive recreational opportunities in an undisturbed natural setting...including hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, bouldering, and horseback riding.
    It is extremely rich in natural resources, and an area that boasts a variety of stream corridors, geologic outcrops, and an ecological preserve that provides a core habitat for a diversity of plant and animal species. The Sourlands is especially known for its nesting birds on the edges of their breeding areas including Summer Tanager, Winter Wren, and Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees." Hillsborough, Montgomery. American toad? (Bufo americanus) by Gare and Kitty Photo by Gare and Kitty via Flickr.
  • 210 Movie Projector And yet another Thomas Edison/New Jersey gem. West Orange.

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