Wonders of New Jersey: 411 - 420

  • 411 Presby Memorial Iris Garden Dedicated to cultivating and displaying a rich variety of irises. Founded in 1927, it is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. Montclair.
  • 412 Long Pond Ironworks State Park 
  • 413 Horse Park of New Jersey
  • 414 Tiffany Castle Newark.
  • 415 Carranza Memorial Captain Emilio Carranza Rodríguez was selected to undertake a goodwill flight from Mexico City to New York City the summer of 1928. While flying back home, the “Mexican Charles Lindbergh” encountered a thunderstorm over the Pinelands and crashed on July 12. Money was raised by the children of Mexico to build a memorial to Carranza on the spot where he died. Tabernacle.
  • 416 Easton-Phillipsburg Bridge
  • 417 Long Path A 347-mile-long, non-contiguous trail that starts in Fort Lee and ends in Albany, New York.
  • 418 Vail Mansion Morristown.
  • 419 Seventh Day Baptist Church Plainfield.
  • 420 Bobolink Dairy Farm A place to buy old-fashioned cheese and bread.Vernon.

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