The Blueberry

BlueberryImage via WikipediaBlueberryImage via WikipediablueberriesImage by brx0 via Flickrblueberry pieImage by karynsig via FlickrBlueberries!Image by Wally Hartshorn via FlickrBlueberriesImage by the_girl via FlickrBlueberry TemptationImage by kitsunebabe via FlickrBlueberries!Image by Tom Gill (lapstrake) via FlickrNew Jersey is the birthplace of the cultivated blueberry. The town of Hammonton is known as "The Blueberry Capital of the World." Elizabeth C. White gets the credit for "inventing" the blueberry. And finally, the anti-oxidant rich blueberry is the official fruit of New Jersey. So the next time you are cramming your purple-stained maw with blueberry pie, think fondly of New Jersey as your dessert slides down your gullet...for it is New Jersey that made such a feast possible.

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