Battleship New Jersey

(ID: DN-SC-04-10490) Copy image of an aerial b...Image via WikipediaNew Jersey en route to Vietnam, 1968Image via Wikipedia100_4090Image by whgrad via FlickrDSC02508Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02522Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02518Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02529Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02526Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02504Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02510Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02531Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02517Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02503Image by aharden via FlickrDSC02499Image by aharden via Flickr100_0635Image by Philly Gryphons RFC via FlickrA view of the hatch and armor citadel of the b...Image via WikipediaEntertainer Bob Hope performs for crewmen aboa...Image via WikipediaBB-62 Battleship New Jersey bombardment - Viet...Image by Konabish via FlickrMid section of Battleship New JerseyImage by Bogdan Migulski via FlickrThe U.S. Navy battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62...Image via WikipediaAwards and ribbons of the battleship USS New J...Image via WikipediaA close-up look at an Armored Box Launcher uni...Image via WikipediaBattleship USS New JerseyImage via WikipediaUss new jersey bbImage via WikipediaThe U.S. Navy battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62...Image via WikipediaThe USS New Jersey fires a salvo from her 16&q...Image via WikipediaNew Jersey in drydock while undergoing moderni...Image via WikipediaThe U.S. Navy battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62...Image via WikipediaView of the USS New Jersy permanently berthed ...Image via Wikipedia(ID: DN-SC-87-11569) Crew members man the rail...Image via WikipediaAt the Battleship New JerseyImage by Katiekills via FlickrThe most decorated battleship in U.S. Navy history is now a floating museum. According to the official web site, "tours cover many areas, including the Bridge, the crew’s mess, the communication’s room and the big 16” guns. Exhibits include 'New Jerseyans on the Big J', 'A Sailor’s Life', 'Keepers of the Sea' and more." Camden.

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