Wonders of New Jersey: 101 - 110

  • 101 Popcorn Park Zoo Refuge for animals that were abused, ill, injured, handicapped, elderly or exploited. You are allowed to feed a lot of the animals popcorn which you buy at the zoo, hence the name.
  • 102 New Jersey State Museum Visit the Civil War Flag Collection of New Jersey. The Archeology and Ethnology department contains over 2 million prehistoric and historic specimens and over 2,000 ethnographic objects. Fine Art Gallery. Natural History. Cultural History Collection. Planetarium. Trenton.
  • 103 Cowtown Rodeo Oldest rodeo on the East Coast; competition May-Sept. Large flea market year-round. Yee-Haw! Marlboro Men by Cocoabiscuit Cocoabiscuit
  • 104 Downtown Princeton Includes the Lower Pyne Building, Bainbridge House, Old Princeton Bank & Trust BuildingPrinceton Boro.
  • 105 Twin Lights An iconic former lighthouse and current museum overlooking Raritan Bay, Sandy Hook and the Atlantic Ocean. The castle-like Twin Lights are about 200 feet above sea level. Visitors can climb the North Tower for some spectacular views. Highlands.
    Navesink Twin Lights by mike bernardo Navesink Twin Lights from mike bernardo
  • 106 Sunset Beach Known for its beautiful, unobstructed sunsets over water—a rarity on the east coast. The evening flag ceremony—every sunset from Memorial Day to Labor Day—is a popular tradition. The "Concrete Ship," SS Atlantus is an interesting oddity. Cape May "Diamonds" (Quartz Crystals) can be found on the beach. Get something to eat at the Sunset Beach Grill.Sunset at Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ by NYCArthur This sweet photo by NYCArthur via Flickr.
  • 107 Monopoly Board game based on Atlantic City streets and properties.
    Monopoly Logo 123.png 
  • 108 Downtown Cranford Some people call this town "The Venice of New Jersey," even though it is the mid-reaches of the Rahway River and not a canal that winds its way through the municipality. Cranford.
  • 109 "The Diner Capital of the World" New Jersey is that. Some of the well known diners include the Roadside Diner in Wall, the Americana Diner in Shrewsbury, and the Reo Diner in Woodbridge,  Throughout New Jersey.
  • 110 Trump Taj Mahal One of the largest poker rooms in Atlantic City. Comedy Shows and Concerts. Spa At The Taj and Salon At The Taj. Atlantic City.

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