Wonders of New Jersey: 161 - 170

  • 161 Downtown Haddonfield
  • 162 Spruce Run Recreation Area A 1,290 acre park encompassing the Spruce Run Reservoir, the third largest in New Jersey. The reservoir is used for fishing, boating and swimming.
    Lifeguard Station by saebaryo Lifeguard Station from saebaryo
  • 163 Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart Pope John Paul II celebrated mass here in 1995, and during the same visit elevated the cathedral to basilica status. If this Basilica was in Europe, it would be a major tourist attraction. Newark.
  • Newark-Cathedral-Basilica
  • 164 Allaire State Park Contains Allaire Village, a preserved 1830s settlement and ironworks. Wall, Howell.
    1st Style of Row Homes by Owls Flight Photography Owls Flight Photography via Flickr.
  • 165 New Jersey Museum of Agriculture North Brunswick.
  • 166 Long Pond Ironworks State Park According to the NJ Division of Parks and Forestry: "Long Pond Ironworks was founded in 1766 by German ironmaster Peter Hasenclever. Hasenclever brought 500 ironworkers and their families from Germany to build an ironworks "plantation," including a furnace, forge, houses, shops and farms...The remnants of the ironmaking industrial structures at this site date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Furnaces, casting house ruins, charging areas, ice houses, waterwheels and other structures are a part of the remains... The "Old Country Store" has been renovated and now houses the Long Pond Ironworks Museum.
    The original Village of Hewitt grew up around the 19th-century iron enterprise. This settlement included a church, a store/post office, schoolhouses, and dwellings and outbuildings for workers and managers. Many of these cultural resources remain intact or as ruins." Monksville Reservoir, which was built on top of the old village of Monksville, is a popular destination for sports fishermen and it is known for its Lake Trout, Muskellunge and Walleye. Ringwood.
  • 167 Museum of Early Trades and Crafts This museum is packed with artifacts from the 1700s and 1800s. Madison.
  • 168 Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton Duel Weehawken.
  • 169 Proprietary House The only Proprietary Governor's Mansion of the Original Thirteen Colonies still standing. Built in 1762 in the Georgian style, the house was commissioned by the Proprietors of East Jersey to be the official residence of Royal Governor William Franklin, Benjamin Franklin's son. There is an annual re-enactment of the arrest of William Franklin for being a Loyalist. The atmospheric underground Tea Room is the prettiest part of the mansion. (Haunted). Perth Amboy.
  • 170 Merrill Creek Reservoir 650 acres of deep, pure water in a Warren County valley. Lake trout and walleye are popular targets for fishermen. A moderately tough trail circles the reservoir. Harmony.

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