Wonders of New Jersey: 131 - 140

  • 131 Downtown Clinton 
  • 132 Bell Labs Holmdel Complex 472-acre campus that is anchored by a building designed by Eero Saarinen, which was called "The Biggest Mirror Ever." The water tower on the property is also of note because of its sculptural design. The complex is endangered by developers who would like destroy this historically significant property. Holmdel.
  • 133 Frenchtown Quaint shopping and fine dining can be found in this little ville on the Delaware River. There are three big festivals – Wine and Art in May, Bastille Day in July and RiverFest in September. Frenchtown.
  • 134 Renault Winery Resorts Founded in 1864, this is the oldest winery in New Jersey, and tours are available. Enjoy the unique blueberry champagne. The Tuscany House Hotel allows people the opportunity to gain a more in depth knowledge of the area. Antique Glass Museum. Vineyard Golf Course. There is also an annual Halloween costume ball. Egg Harbor.
  • 135 McCarter Theatre Embedded in the gothic setting of Princeton University, this cultural center offers over 200 performances of theater, dance, music and special events each year. Over 200,000 people come to McCarter each season. In 1994, the theater was awarded the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater.  McCarter Theatre, Princeton NJImage via Wikipedia
  • 136 Tillie
  • 137 Glenmont The pumpkin-colored home of Thomas Edison and his wife, Mina, who are both buried in on the estate's grounds. West Orange.
    Glenmont, Thomas Edison's Mansion, West Orange, New Jersey
  • 138 On The Waterfront Hoboken.

  • 139 Bally's Atlantic City Hotel and Casino Atlantic City.
  • 140 Incandescent Light Bulb Thank you Thomas Edison, for inventing the first practical light bulb in Menlo Park, a part of present day Edison Township. This was the first bulb which could stay lit without burning up quickly, so it pretty much allowed humanity to light up the night with electricity. Edison.

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