Sterling Hill Mine and Museum

Willemite with fluorescence - Locality: Frankl...Image via WikipediaSterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, New...Image via WikipediaSterling Hill Mining Museum, NJ, USAImage by Vilseskogen via FlickrA 1,300-ft underground walking tour through the Sterling Hill mine is a featured part of the tour.  Within the mine passages are numerous pieces of equipment used while the mine was in operation, plus exhibits on the mining process. The Zobel Exhibit Hall contains over 20,000 mining-related items. The Rock Discovery Center is where children learn about rocks that are quarried in our region.  Economically important rock types such as coal, slate, marble, and basalt are included in this exercise. The Fossil Discovery Center allows children to dig for fossils in a big sand box and then keep them. An instructor will be on hand to educate you about the fossils. Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence 1,800 square feet dedicated to fluorescent minerals, fossils, gemstones, carvings, and everyday objects.  A display of antique ultraviolet lights is also on view.
Inside Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, New JerseyImage via Wikipedia

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