Oxford Historic District

Oxford FurnaceImage via WikipediaAccording to the New Jersey Historic Trust: "From the mid-eighteenth century through the early-twentieth century the ironworks of Oxford fueled New Jersey's development as a major industrial center. The Oxford Furnace, established in 1741, produced an enormous variety of iron products, such as firebacks, nails, stoves, and iron pots, as well as pig iron made from the raw iron ore extracted from the nearby mines. Eventually this bustling enterprise gave rise to a complete company town. Today 385 buildings remain from the former factory town, which comprise the Oxford Industrial Historic District.
Oxford Furnace is the oldest standing hot blast furnace in New Jersey, and Shippen Manor, constructed in 1754, is a rare surviving example of a New Jersey ironmaster's residence constructed on a grand scale. Together they help tell the story of the industrial powerhouse that once was Oxford." Oxford.

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